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PDF Metamorphosis .Net -
is a .NET component for converting RTF to PDF and HTML to PDF in ASP.NET to use within your projects and gain more time for the really important matters

The PDF Metamorphosis .NET was designed to be a component for developers. It doesn't require MS Office and Adobe Acrobat or any other word-processors for converting RTF, HTML, PDF. Developers can use it with VB.NET, C#, Visual J#, ASP.NET, Borland Delphi 8, Borland C# Builder etc.

PDF Metamorphosis .Net is a component to convert Text, RTF, XHTML and HTML to PDF with tables, images, fonts, colors and text formatting completely. Our tool is absolutely independent C# assembly, it doesn't require any additional components. Our component reads HTML and RTF documents directly converts it to PDF without Adobe Acrobat® or MS Office®.

Easy implementation and independent nature are two main selling points, attracting developers to our library. The developer needs to add only “PdfMetamorphosis.dll” into the application, without third-party DLLs and dependencies, while most other solutions rely on standard Windows DLL libraries for conversion.
To parse HTML, for example, a typical conversion application uses mshtml.dll, which comes with Internet Explorer. By contrast, PDF Metamorphosis can open an HTML or XHTML file with CSS, or even download it from the Internet, read the content of HTML, recognize tags and transform to Adobe PDF – all on its own.

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  • Benefits
  • System requirements
The PDF Metamorphosis .Net is just a class library. To deploy it you will need only two lines of code. By the instrumentality of our C# assembly you will add these functions into your application:

- Convert string, url, or file HTML, XHTML to PDF;
- Convert string or file Text and RTF to PDF;
- Split and merge PDF documents

Technical Features

- Created with only pure C#
- Absolutely standalone, you will need to include only "PdfMetamorphosis.dll" into your application
- No other dependencies
- Reads RTF, HTML files and writes PDF directly
- Does not require installed Microsoft Office ® or Adobe Acrobat ® on the computer
- Works on any .Net platform (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc)
- Works with Windows and even with Linux and Mac (thanks to Mono project

Developers can use the PDF Metamorphosis.Net with Visual Basic, C#, J#, ASP.NET, Delphi DotNet etc.

Supported File Formats

The Metamorphosisis can transform HTML, XHTML, RTF and Text documents into PDF documents.

Input formats:
- any version of HTML, like a HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01 with CSS and XHTML. Our component doesn't require any special version of HTML format it will work with any version. Component also support CSS styles, these styles are supported now:

font-family: width:
color: text-decoration:
font-weight: vertical-align:
font-size: page-break-before:
text-align: page-break-aftrer:
font-style: list-style-type:
background-color: margin-bottom:
font: margin-top:
top: margin-left:
left: margin-right:

- any version of RTF files and text files.

Output format: PDF 1.4. It's absolutely compatible with any PDF readers, like a Actobat Readear etc.

The PDF Metamorphosis can convert XHTML, HTML and RTF to PDF documents with such advantages:

- converting of remote HTML documents;
- converts images(.gif, .jpg, .bmp and .png);
- converts remote http:// images;
- tables;
- nested tables;
- CSS styles;
- hyperlinks;
- font face, color, size;
- page alignment;
- bold, italic and underline, strike and other rich formatted text;
- special characters;
- automatic encoding select (Windows-1251, etc..);
- select page size (A4, B5, Letter...);
- select page orientation (Landscape or Portrait);
- select page margins;
- Supports all HTML tags and special characters, such as   & &lt, � - ÿ 	 - я etc.


Nothing special, only .Net 1.1 platform or higher.


.Net platform (1.1 or higher), because it's 100% managed C# library
Works even in Medium Trust level
32-bit and 64-bit compatible

The PDF Metamorphosis .Net is compatible with all .NET languages and supports all Operating Systems where .NET Framework or Mono can be installed.

Support Languages:

C#  VB.NET  C++  .NET  Delphi.NET  J#  ASP.NET

Support all Windows platforms

Support Platforms (Mono):

Linux  SUSE, Novell, Red Hat..  Mac - OS X: ver.: 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6...  BSD: OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD...   Solaris 8

Since 2002, Sautin Software has been developing and marketing .Net libraries that make it simple to process PDF, HTML and RTF files
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